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Patio Pavers are a great architectural and design element that enhance your outdoor and overall curb appeal. Patio pavers give the home owner the ability to extend their home’s design elements into the outdoors. Pavers are known for their strength and longevity and excel in harsh environments and provide the appropriate texture for slip resistance.

There is just no comparison between a regular concrete patio to one with designer pavers. QuikPavers makes it easy to convert your current concrete patio to a beautifully designed hardscape. As you can see in our gallery below, pavers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Ask one of our professionals what would work best for your area and needs.


We Also Offer Traditional Pavers, Natural Stone and Concrete Patio Installations.

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A patio is a perfect area for relaxation and other family activities. To ensure it will serve its important functions, it must be designed and built with the best materials available. At QuikPavers, we recommend the use of pavers. They are superior in terms of aesthetics, durability, and value for money. That’s why our company trusts nothing but these materials.

However, we are not your usual paver supplier or installer in Virginia. Our company is an expert when it comes to pavers—be it supplying materials, installing unique concrete paver patios, or creating stunning patio designs.

We service Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Hampton Roads area.

One of our specialties is designing and installing patio pavers. There’s no limit to what style, shape, size, color, pattern, or texture we can design, build, and supply. Just to give you some great ideas as to what type of pavers to use on your patios — here are some of them:

Natural Stone Pavers

To qualify as “natural,” such stones have to be quarried from their native location and brought here to Virignia. In their purest form, these stones are rough and out of shape. We will smoothen or roughen the surface and cut the stones to your preferred size and shape. With these natural stone pavers, you can expect an elegant display of nature right on your property.

There are different types of natural stone pavers for patios but we only choose the best ones. We usually recommend the use of

  • travertine pavers

  • bluestone

  • granite pavers

  • limestone.

These are best used for showing off because of their elegant appeal.

Patio Brick Pavers

In terms of quality, clay brick pavers come second to natural stones. They are the earliest forms of pavers, dating back in the time of Sumerians. Making clay bricks takes a lot of work. Each piece is hardened under very high temperature for about 40 hours. All this is really worth it in the end.

See the old structures built with clay brick pavers. There’s no doubt that structures built with bricks last forever. These are not only perfect for patios but also for driveways, pathways, and around the garden.

Concrete Patio Pavers

Despite the greatness of stone and clay pavers, the industry’s favorite is still concrete pavers. The cost is unmatched. Even the variety of design is unrivaled. But, since manufactured, such pavers are only as good as their manufacturer’s workmanship.

Let us help you build the perfect patio for your home with our various paving materials.

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